Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day From A Wife

Looking for eco-friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day from a wife? Wife here offering up eco-friendly gifts for techie dads to homebody dads. Pssst, not all these are specific to wife-hubby relationships, and could totally be from daughters to fathers.

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It’s June, which means Father’s Day is coming up shortly and you’re likely gift hunting. Well, here’s a quick roundup of gift ideas for Father’s Day from a wife that happen to also be eco-friendly, sustainable gifts.

If you’re not a wife giving a gift to a hubby, don’t run away! A lot of these eco-friendly gifts could be just regular Father’s Day gifts for either a father who loves making things or just staying home. Just use your personal judgment.

Also, maybe you weren’t specifically looking for a green or sustainable gift. But now you’re here, so why not try it out this year!?

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day From Wife

Gift An Experience

One of the best eco-friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day from a wife or daughter is a gift they actually want. If you’ve read any of my other eco-gift guides, most of them say this. It’s true! The least waste comes about when the person you’re gifting actually wants and will use the gift for a long time. With that said, here’s some non-physical experiential gift ideas!

Learn Something

Does dad want to learn to do something? Or maybe he already has a hobby he wants to expand upon? It could be woodworking, fishing, gardening, cooking, etc.

Find an experience or class for him to learn something new or broaden his favorite hobby’s knowledge. I know my hubby would be thrilled to have a woodworking class where he came away with new skills and maybe even something he made!

Do Something

Spending time with loved ones and friends is a great experiential gift. So pre-purchase a fun experience to do with your husband or even for your husband to do with friends.

  • Concert tickets
  • Wine tasting or beer flights
  • Casual driving range or golf lessons
  • Hiking trip or visiting a National Park
  • Axe-throwing
  • Video game arcade

Gift for the Maker and Builder Dad

I’m pretty sure every husband, or dad for that matter, loves a good new toy. And by “new toy” I mean some kind of tool. My husband literally calls home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s “toy stores”. 

gift ideas for Father's Day from wife - electric tools

Power Tools

There are a TON of power tools out there! The best part is power tools are usually electric powered with a cord or battery, so no gas-powered tools adding emissions to the air.

My hubby’s favorite affordable tools are by WEN and can be easily found on Amazon. He has handheld belt sander and sliding miter saw that work great for all our DIY projects and definitely more affordable for entry-level builders and makers.

Also, we’ve been getting these saw blades and belt sander sandpaper from WEN for projects too!

Electric Lawn Equipment

Some dads are obsessed with lawn care and keeping the outdoor pristine. However, traditional gas-powered equipment like a lawn mower can emit 11 times more air pollution than a new car for every hour of operation, according to the EPA.

So take a look at electric battery-powered or corded lawn equipment. There are really affordable brands like Ryobi and top-rated durable brands like Ego Power that have a wide variety of choices.

Personally, we love the affordable Ryobi brand. We have an electric mower, string trimmer, leaf blower and power-washer from them!

By the way, the batteries can be used in lawn equipment, but even some are compatible with power tools from the same brand. We only have two batteries, but use them for our electric mower, string trimmer, leaf blower and more!

Make sure to share our Down To Earth Tips for Eco-friendly Lawn Care with that new electric lawn equipment gift!

Gift for the Foodie Dad (Or Alcohol Connoisseur)

gift ideas for Father's Day from wife - consumable goods

Consumable Goods

Consumable goods are simply items that can be consumed (eaten or used). So anything from a good soy candle to tasty homemade chocolate.

Baked goods are a great example of consumable goods! My husband would love nothing more than if I just baked him yummy things everyday. It doesn’t have to be just cookies and cake (although those will happily be received I’m sure!). It could be freshly baked bread or something salty like pretzel bites.

Sustainable Alcohol

Technically, alcohol counts as a consumable good, but I felt it needed its own special moment. More and more there are sustainable wineries and liquor being made in more sustainable ways. We’ve recently been exploring some sustainably certified wineries in Napa via Napa Green’s recommendations!

Benziger winery in Napa is one of the most well-known sustainable wineries using biodiversity for pest control and water conservation with their biodynamic wine-making. Wine is always a great Father’s Day gift for a foodie dad!

If the foodie dad is more of the liquor type, then Absolut is a sustainable vodka. They’re a zero waste company and have a completely carbon neutral distillery that’s super energy-efficient. You can read more about their sustainability initiatives here.

Gift for the Sustainable Techie Dad

There’s definitely a lot of techie dads out there, so why not get them a cool sustainable techie gift to match!

Portable Solar Powered Charger for Phones

If you didn’t know, we love our solar energy, especially our DIY solar panels on our roof! We also tend to carry a portable power charger with us too to help recharge our devices.

Well this portable charger is powered by the sun with foldable solar panels. Pretty neat as it folds down into the size of a phone making this a really portable solar charger.

Mini Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Got a dad who likes to jam out or listen to good music wherever he goes? This mini bamboo speaker would make a great eco-friendly gift. The speaker is made with responsibly sourced bamboo, recycled fabric, cotton, hemp and recycled PET plastic.

Bluetooth Headphones

Got a dad working from home or in an office who just needs to block out the noise? Or maybe just a dad who loves to listen to music without disturbing others. These bluetooth headphones are in a classic comfy style and made from 70% bio-based polymer. They can also last up to 8 hours of continuous play!

Gift for the Sustainable Homebody Dad

Cocktail Scented Soap Bar

Does that homebody dad like spirits and smelling good?! The answer is usually yes! Soap Distillery has this wonderful collection of sustainable soap bars on Earthhero that are all fragranced to be like various spirits. Anything from Whiskey scented to a Mint Mojito

Also I freaking love the catchphrase “Soap Distillery. Small Batches. No hangovers.”!

Audible Audiobooks

A subscription to audible audiobooks could be a great eco-friendly gift for Father’s Day. My hubby enjoys listening to audiobooks while he works. It’d be good for a homebody dad who likes books but is also busy doing other tasks.

It’s also much easier to carry around on your phone rather than a physical book!

Attractive Loungewear for Men

There is a lot of fast fashion loungewear out there, but Tentree has some great sustainable fashion options. And like their name states, they plant ten trees for every item purchased, and have a goal of 1 billion trees planted by 2030.

Additionally, I love that they show you exactly how much water, CO2, and waste was saved with each product. It really helps scale the impact you are making down to a personal level.

Tentree’s product impact example

As for perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day from a wife goes, I have a soft spot for their Atlas sweatpant jogger. It’s a sleek look and made with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Both you and the planet get to benefit from a sexy looking hubby walking around the house!

Tada! There’s lots of eco-friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day from a wife who’s always on the hunt for eco-friendly gifts.

Hope this roundup of eco-friendly gift Ideas for Father’s Day from a wife help you find the perfect gift to celebrate! Let us know what you eco-friendly gifts you get in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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