Eco-friendly Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Don’t you want to gift your mom something good, but something that’s also good for Mother Earth?! Here’s a list of eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day with gifts for nature lovers, self-care kits, and even chef mamas!

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It’s almost Mother’s Day, and I know I’m always scrambling to come up with a gift idea that’s also eco-friendly. Mother’s Day is such a special holiday and these amazing mothers deserve some LOVE! Physical gift giving is always hard when you’re trying to reduce your impact on the environment, but more and more eco-friendly options are becoming available. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative!

Besides to celebrate these amazing mothers, we want to focus on gifts for them that they can enjoy or treasure. I’m a mush for anything plant related that continues to grow! So to help you out, here’s a quick list of eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day with gifts for nature lovers, self-care kits, and even chef mamas!

And remember when I say mom or mama from now on, it could totally be a grandma or great-grandma too. Or even a woman who’s been like a mom to you! Because those women deserve your love and appreciation, too!

Time to celebrate the strong amazing women who unconditionally love us and helped us grow!

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

eco-friendly gift ideas for mother's day

For the Nature-loving Moms

Tree Sapling

A great way to honor both a mom and the environment is to plant a tree. She is the roots of where life began and continues to help those around her grow. Being the super sentimental type mom, I would love to be gifted a tree sapling when my little one is young so I could watch it grow alongside him.

The Jonsteen Company provides awesome little tree starter kits with seedlings and instructions. There are a lot of different species available and all varieties (deciduous, evergreen, oaks, and redwoods).

If mom doesn’t have space to plant a tree, then consider a bonsai tree or a wooden family tree instead!

Wildflower or Organic Seeds

I know many moms who are lovers of flowers, but store-bought flowers fade and aren’t always very earth-friendly. Wildflower seeds would be a great eco-friendly gift idea as native plants and wildflowers attract pollinators and birds. She could spread them out in a sunny spot, watch them grow, and even cut a few for a vase!

If she’s more into growing food and gardening, some bulbs or organic seeds would be fun to buy and plant with her, too.

You could even make a sweet tag or card with a punny saying on it. As a mom, I’m a total mush for sayings like “seeds of love, watch them grow” or “thanks for helping me bloom”! There’s some really cute printables for these on Etsy.

If you’re also into giving acts of love, then maybe offer to weed or help water all your nature-loving mom’s wonderful plants!

Plant Gift

Give a plant as a gift instead of flowers as it will long out last the flowers. Plants are always a great go-to and there’s even some awesome houseplant marketplaces, like the Sill, now. They have a wide range of small to large plants of all types! The Sill even has subscription boxes where a plant mom can get monthly plants!

Eco-friendly Gift Idea for Mother's Day - Potted Plant or Plant Subscription

Or just hop over to a local nursery and find that mama a flowering plant that she can cut flowers from for her vases. My hubby gifted me a small hydrangea plant several years ago that I love. If I really want flowers in a vase, I can go cut a few beautiful blooms off my plant every year! 

As a finishing touch, stick a cute wooden plant tag in it to share the love!

For the Food-loving Mamas

Eco-friendly Kitchen Kit

Many moms love to cook, especially for those that made them a mom! Well maybe she could use some sustainable upgrades to items in her kitchen. Put together a fun kitchen kit with sustainable alternatives to make a great eco-friendly gift idea for mother’s day. 

Here’s a couple eco-friendly ideas to make your own DIY kitchen kit:

I love to cook and bake so having sustainable alternatives to items that are plastic or normally disposable is a great way to reduce my waste. I’m sure you’ll reap the yummy benefits of the mom you give this to, too!

Zero Waste Lunch Kit

Mama’s eat lunch on the go too! So help her reduce waste and give this zero waste lunch kit that gives her options for everything. It has a 3 in 1 stainless steel lunchbox, bamboo utensils set, beeswax wraps for sandwiches and even a reusable snack bag. Now she can pack all those yummy things for lunch!

For the Mom needing to “Treat-yourself”

We all know mamas work hard and tend to let themselves come last. So think about giving some earth-friendly items that help her relax and care for herself.

Bamboo Bathrobe

I don’t know about other moms, but I totally live in my bathrobe somedays. It’s just a staple for me like leggings are for most mamas!

EarthHero has a bamboo waffle bathrobe by Ettitude that is made of breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo fabric and super comfy for all-day relaxation.

Everything on the EarthHero marketplace would actually make a great Mother’s Day gift and they do all the sustainability vetting for you!

Eco-friendly Gift Idea for Mother's Day -  Bamboo Bathrobe
Bamboo Waffle Bathrobe | EarthHero

Upcycled Jewelry

There are so many amazing creators and artists out there making beautiful things from recycled materials. If the mom you’re gifting to loves jewelry, check out some of the assortments of upcycled jewelry on Etsy.

These glass earrings from a vodka bottle are freaking gorgeous! It’s a great reuse of materials, but also a beautiful gift. Also, Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging for most purchases on their site.

Eco-friendly Gift Idea for Mother's Day -  Upcycled Earrings
Upcycled Glass Earrings | Etsy

At-Home Spa Gift Box

Want to gift an eco-friendly self-care kit without having to purchase individual items? EarthHero has curated a lovely spa gift box with wonderful earth-friendly products like a soy candle, herbal lotion, kelp face mask, and more!

(Use BIGLIV10 for 10% off)

Self Care Kit | EarthHero

Gift certificate or voucher to local business

Experiences are always great eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day! It’s a great way to not give a physical gift, thus reducing waste, but also still as meaningful and fun.

Find a local spa, massage therapist, cooking lesson, flower arranging class, or whatever would interest your mom. Purchase a gift certificate or voucher or sign up for the class and make your own gift coupon to your special mom. Then not only is it an eco-friendly gift, but also one supporting a local business!

Hope this roundup of eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day helps you find the perfect thing for your special mom! Let us know your other eco-friendly ideas in the comments below!

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