7 Eco-friendly Last Minute Gifts for a Mom for Christmas

Holiday season always leaves some of us scrambling for last minute gifts. It can be a real struggle to find a gift for a friend that’s a mom or even your own mom, especially one that’s eco-friendly. Well being a mom myself, I thought why not compile a list of of eco-friendly last minute gifts for a mom for Christmas! So check it out!

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Okay, so I know there’s a billzillion gift guides and last minute gift ideas out there on the internet. But honestly, I still struggle to find some good last minute gifts for mom for Christmas that they ACTUALLY want and that are eco-friendly. The best part is some of these are DIY if you’re crafty, while others are eco-friendly purchases. The best eco-friendly gift is the one the person will actually use! So choose what you think would be best for that mama you’re gifting to this year.

7 Eco-friendly Last Minute Gifts for Mom for Christmas

Crafty & DIYer Gifts for a Mom

Digital Downloads 

Digital gifts can be a great eco-friendly and last minute gift for a mom for Christmas. The best part of digital downloads is you usually get them instantly, so if you seriously waited until the very last minute, it’s a great option! If the mom you’re gifting for is a crafter, then get her a crochet/knitting or cross-stitch pattern pdf. There are a lot of websites out there like Ravelry or Etsy where you can purchase patterns easily.

If she’s a DIYer like myself, gift her some digital build plans for something you know she’s wanted. We have our own Shop at the top of the page or our Etsy Shop that has all our DIY plans for our Planter Box, Playroom Storage, and Hanging Daybed that would make a fun gift.

You could even offer to help build it if you’re that kind of person!

Dry Shampoo

Again, for me the greatest eco-friendly gift is something I’ll actually use. And being a mom, let me tell you, I use a lot of dry shampoo! So if you’re looking a last minute DIY gift for a mama, make some homemade dry shampoo for her and put it in a cute little jar! She’ll use it for sure and it’s way more cost effective and eco-friendly than most dry shampoo options.

There are a lot of different recipes out there with added essential oils or different ingredients, but I like this simple one with ingredients I have at home already. All you have to do is mix it together, store in a container (I use old glass spice shakers or mason jars), lightly sprinkle a little along the hairline with a makeup brush, and then brush your hair like usual. Seriously, you only need a little!

Last minute gifts for mom for Christmas - DIY Dry Shampoo

Simple DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe

  • ¼ Cup Cornstarch or Arrowroot Powder
  • ¼ Cup Baking Soda
  • 1 Tablespoon of
    • Cocoa Powder (for brunette)
    • Activated Charcoal Powder (for black or very dark brown hair)
    • Cinnamon or Paprika (for red hair)
    • None (for blondes) – you can add pinch of cocoa powder for darker shades

Alternative – If you’re not the type to make your own dry shampoo for a gift, then Earth Hero has  a great option with eco-friendly packaging by Fat and the Moon.

On Earth Hero, you can get 10% off your order with my code BIGLIVING10

Plants & Pots

There’s a lot of mamas out there that are also plant mamas, so they will never turn down receiving another plant as a gift. So take some clippings to propagate from a plant you already have. Or make a quick run to your local nursery to buy a plant. If the mom you’re gifting for doesn’t mind waiting, you could gift a planted seed for her to watch grow from the start (you know since this is likely a last minute gift and you don’t have time to grow it much!).

If you want to personalize the plant gift, you could do one of the following:

  • Decorate a pot or a jar to put the plant in
  • Go crazy and make a pot out of an unusual object in your house (old coffee or tea cup)
  • Buy a secondhand pot from a thrift store
  • Make a macramé hanging net for your new plant (super popular and beautiful look right now!)

But here’s a couple links to these types of things if you’re not into DIYing it: Macrame hanging net or Bulbasaur planter

Experiential Gift for a Mom

Gift Voucher / Coupon

Okay, to some people this reminds them of those gift coupons you used to make as a kid promising to do chores or something. Well, think of it more like a gift card, but way better because you can promise an awesome experience with it too! You can give a gift voucher or coupon for all kinds of things. Here’s just a few examples: spa day, kid-free night out (drinks on you!), cooking lesson, concert tickets, zoo membership, book subscription, botanical garden visit, museum visit and many more!

Want an already designed grownup gift voucher/coupon? I’ll send you our FREE pre-made holiday gift coupons that you can use as your gift! 

Last Minute Self-care Gifts for a Mom

Wine Bottle or Subscription Box

Seriously, I love wine and will gladly accept this as a gift any time of the year. I was this way before becoming a mom. Pair this with a promise for a night out or a night in with your favorite mom to spend some quality time together (without the little ones!)

If you can, look for wineries that have a sustainable and green growing and business process. Usually just a quick googling of the winery will let you know if they are making any sustainable efforts. One I know I can always find at a nearby store is Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, who have been making conservation efforts on energy consumption, water conservation and waste reduction/management. I enjoy the Reisling or Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can also get an eco-friendly wine subscription box like Dry Farm Wines that are also a great last minute gift for a mom that just keeps on giving.

Loose Leaf Tea & Infuser Cup

I’ve always found tea to be deliciously relaxing. Tea is a great last minute gift for a mom for Christmas, cause it’s relaxing, but can be like coffee and sometimes still have that caffeine kick a mom might be craving! 

In most places, there are tea shops located somewhere nearby. Personally, I find that local shop’s tea is the best and it’s usually supporting a local business, which is great. If you have a local farmers’ market or a spice market, you can sometimes find some amazing tea at those places, too. Here’s a loose leaf tea that comes in a reusable canister that you can quickly order online too.

Pair your gift of loose leaf tea with a way to actually use it too is always a good idea! You can splurge and get a whole beautiful teapot like this Teabloom teapot or just go for an all-in-one cup with infuser like this Japanese inspired one. Or just get a reusable tea infuser like this one.

Last minute gifts for mom for Christmas - candle and reusable lighter

Candle & Reusable Lighter

I love when the house smells good, so like wine, I will gladly accept candles as a gift anytime. Candles are an easy last minute gift for a mom for christmas. Here’s a few sustainably made soy candles by Hyggelight are gorgeous. The best part about Hyggelight Growing Candles is after the candle is used up, you can plant the label and grow a flower in it! Reuse and Repurpose!

Sweeten the gift up by pairing it with a rechargeable, reusable lighter like this one. Reusable plasma arc lighters never require refilling with fuel and aren’t disposable like other lighters and matches, so it’s a great eco-friendly gift that helps reduce waste. Pssst, it can also be used to light grills and fires!

So there are seven eco-friendly last minute gifts for a mom for Christmas! Hopefully, this sparks some ideas! So get making, driving, or buying whatever you’ve decided one to get!

Hope this guide of eco-friendly gifts for a mama you know gives you a lot of options and ideas! Let us know what you think or what you ended up getting in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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