18 Amazing Sustainable Brands & Eco-friendly Products at Target

Can you shop at a superstore and still buy sustainable and eco-friendly products!? The answer is yes! You can find sustainable brands and eco-friendly products at Target. Here’s our favorites, and make sure to check out the full resource list at the end!

Updated 8/27/2022

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Like many millennials and mamas today, I have always had this natural draw towards Target. Something about this store draws us all in for some reason! When we began our sustainability journey, I tended to go to Target less and less because there weren’t eco-friendly options readily available.

However, there are still times when you need to go to a “superstore” like Target. We’ve all been there. We’ve run out of something we need now and it’d take days to order. Or you need to get a large variety of items and it’s easier to get everything from one place instead of running around to several stores. We’re all human and even us eco-conscious people are imperfect and choose convenience sometimes.

But don’t fear! Many superstores are starting to make a shift in providing new sustainable choices that make eco-friendly products more accessible and convenient to everyone. Specifically at Target, I’ve seen a lot of new eco-friendly products on the shelves and even promoted! To me, it just shows that we are voting for what we want with our dollars and actually changing the market even at a superstore level.

So I’ve put together a list of eco-friendly products and sustainable brands that are at Target to make it easy for you too!

Eco-friendly Products & Sustainable Brands at Target

Firstly, Target carries a lot of products and brands from body care, beauty, cleaning, and other household products. It is also very affordable, which makes these sustainable products truly more accessible to everyone. Target has even specifically created a sustainable brand page on their website to discuss their plans and aspirations moving forward. Now onto our favorite eco-friendly products at Target!

Eco-friendly Personal Care & Bathroom Swaps

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – The shampoo and conditioner industry is a huge consumer of plastic and many times those plastic bottles don’t get cleaned out properly and end up in landfills. As I used up the last of my liquid products, I found Hibar’s solid shampoo and conditioner bars. I’m loving how the Moisturize bar makes my hair feel. Also, I just love ditching the plastic!

There’s another solid bar soap at Target by Love Beauty and Planet that I have not personally tried, but it smells wonderful at the store.

Liquid Shampoo – Rhyme & Reason is also a better eco-friendly and sustainable product choice from Target if you’re not into solid bars. Their shampoo and conditioner are great and sulfate free, and their bottles are 100% recycled plastic.

Plastic-free deodorant – I know some people rave about the Native deodorant, but it’s just fairly expensive. So far, I like HeyHumans plastic-free natural deodorant. It comes in a paper tube helping to reduce plastic waste. The deodorant also comes in a variety of scents, which are designed to be gender-neutral. However, I haven’t tried it in the blistering heat of summer yet, and sometimes due to the nature of the paper tube, it’s hard to push up.

If you’re not into the natural deodorant or it’s not working for you, Dove has came out with a Refillable Deodorant with a stainless steel case, which is awesome! Personally, I see it as a win when you start to see bigger companies making a shift towards better sustainable products.

Body Lotion – The last sustainable personal care product from Target that I’m loving is HeyHumans lavender vanilla body lotion. It smells fantastic and moisturizes well, while also using mostly plastic-free packaging. The body lotion comes in aluminum bottles that are recycled after being cleaned. Loving an option that doesn’t promote more plastic use.

Other Personal Care Products

Toothpaste – Target carries HeyHumans toothpaste, which I am loving. It’s a more eco-friendly toothpaste option as it is in an aluminum tube instead of plastic. This makes it actually recyclable! There are Fluoride and Fluoride Free options in two flavors. Some Targets also carry Davids toothpaste, which is also in an aluminum tube.

We’ve been trying some of the Unpaste tablets, which have compostable packaging, but I’m personally struggling with the chalkiness of those. So our family will likely move forward with the HeyHumans aluminum tube toothpaste to help reduce our plastic waste.

Tree-free Toilet Paper – A great tree-free alternative to regular toilet paper is Reel’s bamboo toilet paper. Yes, it’s not as soft and fluffy as some of those name brand toilet paper. However, it doesn’t leave pieces, gets the job done and is made of bamboo, which is a faster growing sustainable resource than trees used for paper. Personally, we have a bidet and cloth wipes, but there’s still a need for toilet paper, so we love having this more eco-friendly bamboo option.

It seems they are still rolling out this brand to various Targets and you can only find Reel toilet paper in stores on the U.S. coasts or Colorado. Sadly, Reel bamboo toilet paper is still not available in-stores in the Midwest, so I order it online here.

Menstrual Cups & Wash – This was a great swap I made to reduce waste and now you don’t even have to order a cup online! Just pick one up at Target and you’re set for 8-10 years for your feminine hygiene. There’s a huge variety, with varying options, so take a look at what works best for you. Making the switch will save you the monthly cost of tampons or pads and you’re reducing your waste going to the landfill.

Household Cleaning & Laundry Swaps

Wool Dryer Balls – Static is a serious thing in my household, especially in the winter between the dogs and a toddler. I found these Wool Dryer Balls by Everspring at Target, which get rid of the need for disposable dryer sheets and fabric softener. They’ve worked great and are cheaper than some others online. Not only do they reduce static, but the dryer balls also help reduce drying time. Reduced drying time is a great way to reduce your energy usage footprint. 

Grove Co. Products – Grove has a plastic-free line of household products that are now on Target’s shelves. We personally got ours online from Grove Co., but that’s before I found them at Target. Now I can restock on their cleaning concentrates for our refillable spray bottles easily when I run out. The concentrates come in adorable little glass bottles that you can recycle or reuse like I do to hold spices, propagate plants, or use for crafting.

Pro tip: Grove Co will sometimes have seasonal “smells” like Balsam Fir. Once the holiday season is over, the products tend to end up on the clearance shelf. It’s great as you can stock up on them if you want then for cheaper!

Kitchen Swaps

Bamboo Dish Cleaning Brushes – Target now carries bamboo dish cleaning brushes by Full Circle, who is a certified B Corp. Yes, there are plastic components still to the brushes to help them last longer (way less than other brushes!), but the company is plastic neutral. Most of the products are made from recycled plastic creating a demand for that industry. Additionally, for every ounce of plastic use they use, more than one ounce is actually recycled. 

I personally love our little bubble up bamboo brush from them to use with our solid dish soap.

Eco-friendly products at Target - bamboo dish brushes

Spray Oil Cannister – All those cooking oil and olive oil aerosol cans are really not good for the environment, so I was super happy to find an alternative! We were actually gifted a Misto oil sprayer a few years ago. It’s a reusable oil spray bottle that doesn’t use chemical propellants, and sprays with just a couple pumps. It also means we can fill it with our bulk olive oil of choice rather than purchasing the smaller amounts in the aerosol cans.

The only issue we’ve had is sometimes the spraying will stop working and just be a constant stream. If this happens, you just need to fill it with hot soapy water, spray it for a minute, and empty it. After that, it usually works great again. Just a little clog clean up and maintenance and you’ve saved the planet from hoards of empty spray oil aerosol cans that just end up in the landfill.

eco-friendly product at Target - spray oil canister

Beeswax Wraps – I quickly fell in love with beeswax wraps when I discovered them because they’re so easy to grab, wrap and store, and a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Target has a few beeswax wrap options, but I love the assorted size wraps by Simply Green. We use the large sized one to cover our bread and pizza dough while it rises in a bowl, which works fabulously!

Reusable Storage Bags – Target has a whole section of reusable storage and food bags now, which make my eyes light up! We’ve been reusing the last of our plastic ziploc bags until they’re beyond use, and slowly switching to reusable storage bags as a more eco-friendly option. Like I said Target has a lot of options now and even the Stasher bag is there.

There’s our favorite sustainable brands and eco-friendly products at Target!

Use the sustainable Target product list below for a quick resource on all our favorite eco-friendly finds from Target!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Target Products List

More Sustainable Living

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Hope this roundup of sustainable brands and eco-friendly products at Target help you be an eco-conscious consumer even at superstore! Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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