Eco-friendly, Inexpensive Galentines’ Gifts

Looking for inexpensive Galentines’ gifts that are also eco-friendly? Here’s a quick list of eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas perfect for your Galentines!

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The major holiday season is now over, but some of us will take any excuse to keep the joyous, happy holiday feelings coming. Celebrating friendships and love is a great way to do that.

If you’re here, then you likely know what “galentine’s day” is, but I’m all for defining words for clarity to those reading.

“Observed on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day celebrates platonic friendships, usually among women. It originated on the show Parks and Recreation.”

Parks and Recreation is a great show, by the way, if you haven’t watched it!

We all enjoy sharing some love with our gals; however, it is easy to gift wasteful items that aren’t the most eco-friendly. Well, here is a quick list of some galentine’s gifts that are both inexpensive and eco-friendly!

6 Eco-friendly, Inexpensive Galentines’ Gifts

#1 An Experience

Personally, one of the best eco-friendly gifts to give your galentine is an experience. If you’re a busy mama like me, sometimes it can be hard to spend time with my gals, so gifting an experience ensures I make that time. It also means no physical gift was bought and went to waste.

An experience gift could be something like the following:

  • Coffee date
  • A drink at a bar
  • Movie night (no kids or significant others!)

Make sure to not leave the details vague because everyone gets busy, forgets, or loses things over time. Also, it can feel awkward for the gift receiver to have to reach back out to you to actually “receive” the gift. So always offer an experience gift with a little note or card with a specific date and time. Obviously, if that date/time doesn’t work, then discuss one that does, and then it’s all set and done right there. 

#2 Heart-shaped Natural Beauty Set

Credit: Amazon

Personally, heart-shaped anything has me saying “awww this is perfect for sharing some love”! 

Ethique has a few heart shaped beauty set samplers for your face, body, and hair, which are perfect for inexpensive Galentine’s gifts. The best part is these are all solid bars with no plastic bottles, so it’s also a great eco-friendly gift.

The Face sampler set has two cleansers, a face serum, an exfoliator, and a lotion all made with vegan ingredients and palm oil free. My favorite part is it’s a sampler set, so it’s not committing your galentine to full size products that might not work for her and go to waste.

Ethique is a BCorp focused on zero waste beauty. The company uses good biodegradable ingredients and has compostable, (mostly) plastic-free packaging. The only downside to Ethique’s cute samplers are sometimes one or two or the bars come wrapped in a little plastic to keep the oils from transferring during shipping. The full size products don’t seem to have this, so if you or your galentine love one of these, definitely upgrade to the full size to reduce even more waste! 

#3 Sustainable Wine

inexpensive galentines' gifts - sustainable wine

For many, wine is always a happily received gift, and as a galentine gift, I’d definitely take wine. Great thing about wine bottles is glass is one of the materials that can be infinitely recycled if done properly. So win-win for you and the planet.

Recently, my hubby and I found wines by Chateau St. Michelle. Chateau Ste. Michelle winery has been making conservation efforts on energy consumption, water conservation and waste reduction/management to make their overall wine process more sustainable. 

While I’m sure there are more sustainable wineries out there, you can easily find this wine at your local liquor store or bigger stores like Target for under $15. So try supporting a more sustainable winery with your galentine gift purchase instead of whichever one has a pretty bottle (we’ve all done that!).

We really enjoy the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Reisling, if you’re looking for recommendations.

#4 Tree-Free Valentine Card

inexpensive galentines' gifts - Tree-free card
Credit: EarthHero

I know many people who still like to give cards and don’t necessarily have time to DIY anything. Unfortunately, the amount of paper waste cards create might make an eco-conscious consumer cringe a bit. However, there are some great 100% recycled paper Valentine Day Card packs by Tree-Free.

Their cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printed with VOC ink using solar energy. That’s right. Reusing paper, environmentally friendly ink, and the company uses renewable energy sources. It’s pretty awesome in my mind.

Some of them have cute puns on them even! Check them out on Earth Hero!

On Earth Hero, you can get 10% off your order with my code BIGLIVING10

#5 A Plant in a Cute Pot

inexpensive galentines' gifts - plant in cute pot

Plant mama here! Just like wine, I will happily accept a plant as a gift for any occasion. Plants can be sweet, inexpensive Galentines’ gifts that keep giving, too. They bring a little nature inside, purify the air, and (hopefully) continue to grow each year!

Try to stay away from plastic potted plants and look for ceramic or wooden ones. Look for ones at your local stores or get a second-hand pot and plant. Or go a little crazy with some unusual object to plant them in.

Add a little pop of love with a twig heart or handmade tag to make it feel a little more valentine for your Galentine.

#6 Homemade Sweets or Bulk Bin Sweets

DIY galentine gifts are great as well. I’ve come to like baking, so making some homemade cookies or chocolates sounds fun and is a great way to not purchase sweets wrapped in plastic. Homemade sweets always seem a little extra special with all that love infused into them!

However, I’m going to be honest, we just recently discovered the bulk sweet bins at Sprouts and got way too much candy. If you’re not one to bake or make sweets, then this is a great zero waste option. 

Bring your own cloth or reusable bags or even jars to fill up with candy. I’d recommend filling up a large bag and then dividing up into smaller containers for your galentines later. This way you only have to worry about weighing the one bag!

Either way, put the sweets in a mason jar or wrap them up in a beeswax wrap or a reusable bag, and you’ve got great inexpensive galentines’ gifts. 

So share some love to celebrate you and your gals with some of these eco-friendly, inexpensive Galentines’ gifts!

Hope this list of eco-friendly Galentine’s Day gifts gives you some good ideas! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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