Hi Everyone! I’m So Glad You’re Here!

My name is Amanda, and I am the creator of Big Living | Little Footprint. I am a mom, a landscape architect, DIY-er, Disney and wine-lover, and advocate for the Earth. I grew up in the the U.S. Midwest, and got a master’s degree in landscape architecture as I was super excited to have an influence on our built environment. I worked in the landscape architecture industry for many years after college, and learned a lot about our environment before becoming a mom. I have many passions in my life that all culminate into this blog focused on helping you live sustainably through DIY Projects, Sustainable Home Improvement & Eco-friendly Living Tips.


First, some more about us and backstory for you all! In the late summer of 2019, I had my first child. This in itself is a momentous event in any couple’s life. However, for my hubby and I, it was also an epiphany moment. Yes, becoming a parent itself is scary, but there was another aspect that gnawed at us beyond regular parenting fears.

We had always been conscious of trying to minimize our footprint on the Earth to help reduce waste and fight climate change. But now we were bringing another life into this world. This child would be directly impacted by the decisions our peers and us make in regards to the Earth’s health!  Not only were we concerned about how we impact the Earth, but in case you don’t know….babies create a TON of waste!!! There are so many little choices parents, or anyone for that matter, can make to reduce their overall footprint…don’t get me started on diapers. And as my hubby would note, save you money and the planet!

So as a family, we are striving to live a sustainable life while also living big and enjoying everyday to the fullest!

Meet the family

Now that you know our backstory, I have to introduce the ones who bring me joy everyday!

My amazing hubby, Tyler, is the crazy sweet man I’ve been married to for over 6 years now and fall in love with more each day (yes mushy-gushy I know!). We met in college and he was totally oblivious to my advances. It took a little bit to get past the denial stage, but he finally realized I was crushing on him. We quickly fell into a loving relationship that I know will stand the test of time.

Tyler is a mechanical design engineer, which in short means he loves problems/challenges, numbers, and finding ways to make everything more efficient! He’s the man who takes my silly ideas and dreams and finds a way to make it happen. We always say I dream it up and make decisions, and he finds a way to execute it!


Now I have to gush over my sweet little guy, Leon Ezio! He’s just 3 years old and is the cuddliest, sweetest, helpful boy ever….unless he’s mad or doesn’t get what he wants or some other unknown thing that sends toddlers into a downward spiral! So a typical, silly toddler with an happy and unhappy side that we are so thankful to have in our lives.

And yes if you were wondering, we are a nerdy video game family, so his middle name Ezio is a tribute to Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin’s Creed video game saga. Besides loving those games, we love my hubby’s Italian heritage and travel to Italy whenever possible.

Two golden retriever puppies named Nessie and Rei

Nessie + Rei

Lastly, we have two adorable golden retrievers! Nessie, who’s six years old, and Rei, who’s three. They both love (I mean really LOVE!!!) people and cuddling with all of us. Most evenings, we all end up in a cuddly puppy pile on our couch enjoying the fluffy warm love these two sweet pups provide.

Now you know all about us! I am truly thankful for you joining us on this adventure with us to live a big life while leaving a little footprint on this planet we call home.

All the love from us to you,
Amanda, Tyler, Leon, Nessie, & Rei