15 Best Gifts For DIYers and Woodworkers


Rather it’s the giving season or you simply need gift ideas for those makers and do-it-yourself individuals, we’ve got you covered in this post. Here are some of the best gifts for DIYers and woodworkers that we love and are even on our list this year!

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Whether it’s holiday season or some other occasion, it can be hard to figure out gifts for people who love to make and do things themselves. I know because my hubby and I are those people who are build things we want instead of buying them! So our family and friends tend to ask us for a list of items we need to accomplish our goals and take out the guess work.

Because we know their are others out there like this, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite recommendations to help you give gifts to DIYers and woodworkers in your life. From stocking stuffers to more substantial gifts, we’ve got you covered for the best gifts for DIYers and woodworkers.

Tool Gifts Under $25 – Stocking Stuffers

1. Quick Read Tape Measure

The FastCap tape measure is an awesome tool. The best part is the easy-to-read scale that identifies down to the 1/16″. I know it’s just a measuring tape and it may sound silly, but having every line notated makes a project go faster. You don’t have to slow down and count the lines like on other measuring tapes. So it’s a great gift even if they already have a tape measure.

2. Digital Angle Measuring Block

This handy little tool is great for checking and adjusting angles between surfaces. We love using it when doing miters and chamfers with our table saw on projects. The big LCD display lets us know exactly what angle it is at with a quick glance when adjusting the blade.

The block is also magnetic and has a built-in level, which makes it stick to tools and get an accurate angle measurement. It’s an inexpensive, yet indispensable tool for woodworkers and DIYers.

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3. Japanese Pull Saw

A pull saw is a handy tool to have and works better than a standard push saw in some cases. Pulling to apply tension helps the blade avoid bending making the design able to be thinner and cut a narrower path. In our experience, it’s faster and more accurate, too. 

It’s a bi-lateral saw, which means it has two sides with teeth. One side with wider teeth for rough rip cutting, and the other side with finer teeth for a slower more detailed cut like a cross cut. From cutting tops of wood posts to removing extra veneer material, we surprisingly use this more than you’d think. 

4. Speed Square

Did you know a speed square can be used for more than making straight lines and checking right angles? Yup, it’s a multi-functional tool that’s inexpensive but can be incredibly handy in so many ways. From angles to speedy layout lines, we use our speed square on every project.

Make sure to check out our YouTube video to learn some tips on using this tool!

5. Laser level

Checking if something is level is part of almost every project, and sometimes a standard level is not enough. A laser level can be handy for hanging pictures to installing floating shelves or cabinets. It’s a must-have in a DIYer’s or woodworker’s toolbox.

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6. Project blocks

Project blocks are another small gift that comes in handy. I’ll be honest, we 3D printed our own project blocks, but we know that’s not an option for everyone (the nerdy engineer hubby loves his 3D printer).  

Project blocks can be used when applying a finish or glue, sanding, or lifting material off surfaces when clamping. They are sturdy with a non-slip surface to help you as you work. These blocks also have retractable painting points, which makes them even more multi-functional.

7. Wooster Angled Brush & Magnetic Paint Cup

There’s always painting in some form that needs to be done, and having the right brush can make a difference. I love this short angled brush for cutting in the trim along a wall as the short handle makes it easy to have a steady hand. 

And although any container works to hold paint, it’s ten times easier to have a cup that not only has a handle but also a magnetic to hold your brush in the cup and help prevent drips. 

8. Quick Release Strap Clamp

A strap clamp can be a very versatile tool to help clamp irregular or rectangular shapes and help keep everything tight. We love using ours when making boxes, frames or any rectangular wood piece as it ensures we have all four corners tightly pressed together. 

Tool Gifts Under $100

8. Adjustable Depth Countersink

If someone is taking the time to build something nice, they likely will be countersinking any visible screws on the project. Usually that requires a drill bit and a separate countersinking bit. However, we love having our adjustable depth countersink bit as it’s a drill bit and countersink in one.

While it might seem expensive for a bit, having one less item to switch out every time you want to pre-drill and countersink a screw is so worth it. Especially when projects can literally have tons of screws. It’s a time and sanity saver for sure!

9. Portable Drill Press

Not everyone has room or budget for a drill press, but being able to make straight or angled holes that are truly perpendicular to a board can be critical. A portable drill press is a good alternative that also allows you to take the press to the board instead of the other way around. (sometimes materials are freaking heavy!).

We utilized a portable drill press to ensure we had straight holes for our movable headboards on our Outdoor Hanging Daybed. From experience, not having a perfectly perpendicular hole on a piece of furniture really puts a damper on finishing a project.

10. Push block

There’s always a spouse, parent/grandparent, or friend who cringes when someone says “table saw” or “router” because they are scared for the safety of your fingers and hands. Whether you’re that person or want to put that person at ease, safety is always key when woodworking or doing a DIY project, so a push block can be a great gift to protect the hands.

There’s the more expensive, fancy GRR-RIPPER version you see all the woodworkers using or the simpler push block for a more budget-friendly option.

11. Battery-powered Drill

No matter who you are, you should own a drill. There will be something you need to use it for at some point in life. A quality battery-powered drill is a great gift for anyone and it will get a lot of use.

I know many DIYers and woodworkers might already have a drill, but it’s actually on our list this year if you can believe it! Our old drill is worn out and the batteries are basically dead, so it’s time for a new one. You might just ask whomever you’re gifting if they need a new one soon!

Depending on where you look, a Dewalt drill can be more than $100, but you can usually find it on sale for $99 either at Home Depot or on Amazon.

12. Random Orbital Sander

Almost every wood project requires sanding, which means a quality sander is key. We love this random orbital sander paired with some 3M Xtract Cubitron II Sandpaper as it makes the long process of sanding go faster.

This is a staple to have for any DIYer or woodworker, and a gift that will be greatly appreciated!

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Unique DIY Project Gifts

13. Best Wood Finish Out There

No wood project is done without a finish. We highly recommend any of the Rubio Monocoat’s finishes. We’ve used them on both our interior and exterior projects, and loved them.

They are high quality finishes that only require one coat to protect the wood and give it a gorgeous final look. Check out our reviews on each product!

Photo Credit: Etsy

14. Personalized Branding Iron

Maybe you are trying to figure out a gift for a passionate woodworker. A personalized branding iron could be a truly exciting gift for them! There are lots of options for customized or semi-customizable stamps on Etsy.

Parents always tell kids to sign their art, so having a tool that can sign a piece of woodcraft is exactly what is needed as an adult.

15. Etsy Gift Card

There are a ton of amazing woodworking and DIY plans available on Etsy. From furniture and decor to rain barrels and chicken coops, you can likely find plans for any project. While you could buy a few plans for the woodworker or DIYer in your life, a gift card gives them the opportunity to choose their own project.

Etsy uses E-gift cards too, so it’s an instant gift even if you wait until the last minute. Plus, Etsy is a great way to support small businesses!

Bonus: DIY Plans on Etsy

Speaking of Etsy, we sell our own DIY plans for many of the projects we do and share here with the community. You can shop our DIY plans either on Etsy or here on our Site Shop. It’s the same in both places!

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Now you found that perfect gift idea, right? Maybe you still need something for a kid or a homeowner who’s more eco-conscious. Then check out more of our gift guides for more inspiration and gift ideas for a DIYer or woodworker!

Hope you found a great gift for a DIYer or woodworker in your life! Let us know what you think you’re getting and what projects you’ve used it for in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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