5 DIY Bed Frame Projects You Can Make

Looking to build instead of buying a bed frame? We’ve rounded up all our DIY bed frame designs and plans for you in one place, so you can find an awesome project to build! Each is paired with DIY plans, bed frame design description, difficulty level, and links to the full How-To articles.

Updated 03/23/2024

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Have you thought about building a DIY bed frame? As serial DIYers, we’ve designed and built quite a few bed frames over the years now, and DIYing a bed frame definitely has its benefits! You can get the design you want, customized to the size you need, and using the materials you prefer. We love DIY furniture projects as it allows for the exact design aesthetic we want, allows us to use the materials and products we want, and typically leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Also, we get so much joy and sense of accomplishment after completing a DIY project. 

Moreover, store-bought bed frames, especially high-quality ones, can be really expensive! A DIY bed frame can be built for a fraction of the cost when compared to a similar store-bought product.

Each design below has printable DIY plans with a materials list and drawing plans paired with detailed How-To’s with step-by-step instructions. A few even have some build videos now on YouTube! So check out the 5 different bed frames and headboards we’ve designed and built over the years. 

5 DIY Bed Frames You Can Make

DIY Modern Bed Frame

First up is the bed design for our simple modern DIY platform bed frame. The bed frame features elegant tapered legs and chamfered edges all along the perimeter for a high-quality look on this DIY furniture piece. These elements create strong, clean lines for a modern look, but are softened so you don’t bruise your legs if you run into it (unlike a lot of other modern sharp-lined bed frames you’ve probably seen!).

It’s also designed to have no exposed hardware, meaning no ugly screws or shiny metal connections showing. The bed frame utilizes threaded inserts to make it easy to disassemble and move if needed.

DIY Difficulty: Intermediate DIY
The DIY build plans require the construction of joinery elements, which may be harder for a beginner DIYer or less experienced woodworker. Experience using a router is also highly recommended to achieve the chamfered edges and make the leg pockets.

Bed Frame Plan Sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin
Hubby How-To Build Post: DIY Bed Frame
YouTube Build Video: Building A Modern Bed Frame

DIY Headboard With Floating Nightstands

A beautiful modern platform bed frame pairs very well with a unique headboard. So we designed this modern DIY headboard with floating asymmetrical nightstands to be a functional yet beautiful wall feature! 

This headboard design creates a sophisticated paneled wood look and is mounted to the wall to create a stunning floating feature in any bedroom. The individual panels have chamfered edges between panels to create shadow lines, but still allow for an overall cohesive look.

The floating nightstands are asymmetrical for a high-quality and unique look. Each nightstand box has chamfered edges on the drawers for handles to eliminate the need for hardware and keep a very clean, modern aesthetic.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Expert DIY
The DIY build plans comprise of more complex cuts and gluing methods with tighter tolerances needed. Additionally, it requires accurately managing and cutting large boards and plywood panels. More experienced DIYers or woodworkers will have an easier time with this build.

Headboard Plan Sizes: California King/King or Queen/Full
Hubby How-To Build Post: Headboard with Floating Nightstands
YouTube Build Video: The Nicest Thing We’ve Ever Made

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DIY Hanging Daybed Swing

If you’re looking for an outdoor daybed or even a porch swing, then this DIY hanging daybed swing we designed might be perfect for you. It has some wow-factor and is the perfect place for reading books, napping, and just relaxing.

This DIY bed design has a clean line platform with a little Japanese joinery flare. The corners of the hanging daybed’s platform use a half lap joint to create this unique look and create the perfect base to hang rope.

However, the best part of the design is the removable headboard feature. The design creates the option to move the headboard around and face different directions, or even remove the headboard altogether.

DIY Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate DIY
This DIY bed construction involves making a few simple joints that can be done with hand tools or small power tools.

Daybed Swing Plan Sizes: King, Queen, Full, Twin
Hubby How-To Build Post: Hanging Daybed Swing

DIY Canopy Bed

The next DIY bed frame design is a canopy bed built in a platform bed style. Similar to the hanging daybed, the canopy bed has a little Japanese feel to how the canopy corners come together. This unique crossing of the corners is not something you’d typically find in other canopy bed frames, which is why it’s great to DIY. The design also hides all the screws and hardware within the different joints created. The bed frame slides into the canopy posts to hide the screws and strengthen the joint.

 Another fun part of a canopy bed is you can add fun accessories like curtains, lights, plants, and more to personalize them.

DIY Difficulty: Intermediate DIY
This DIY build has a more complex joint where the bed frame and headboard attach to the legs in order to hide all hardware. Experience with a router is helpful, but the project can be done with chisels or small power tools.

Canopy Bed Plan Sizes: King, Queen, Full, Twin
Hubby How-To Build Post: DIY Canopy Bed

DIY Trundle Bed With Bookcase

The last DIY bed frame we’ve designed can be used as both a bed frame and storage! This trundle bed design can house two mattresses and has a built-in bookcase. 

A trundle bed has a low bed on wheels that is stored under the main bed when not needed and can help you maximize space in a room. Trundle beds are great for kids’ rooms for sleepovers or even an adult that needs an extra place to sleep while maximizing their space. The bed is designed with built-in shelving along the top to house anything from books to toys, or whatever you desire.

The plans are available for a Twin, Full, and Queen size bed frame with matching sizes for the trundle bed. Our DIY plans allow for two 8″ tall mattresses, and the top main mattress can even be up to 10″ tall without covering the bookcase shelves.

DIY Difficulty: Beginner DIY
The build plans comprise of simple straight-cuts and wiggle room for assembly. The DIY trundle bed can be built with just a jigsaw and a drill, so it’s great for any level of experience.

Bed Frame Plan Sizes: Twin with Twin Trundle, Full with Full Trundle, Queen with Queen Trundle
Hubby How-To Build Post: Bookcase Trundle Bed

DIY Bed Frames Plans List

Here is a list of all the DIY bed frame plans in every size for quick access! It’s linked to our Etsy Shop listings, but you can also find them on our Site Shop.

DIY Modern Bed Frame
Headboard With Floating Nightstands
DIY Hanging Daybed Swing
DIY Canopy Bed
Trundle Bed With Bookcase

Best Finish For A DIY Bed Frame

People always want to know what finishes we use on our DIY bed frames. Let me tell you…we’ve done a lot of DIY projects over the years with a lot of different stains. None have matched up to the durability, ease of application, and quality look of Rubio Monocoat

Rubio’s Oil Plus 2c product is the best finish for any bed frame you’re DIYing. It’s a natural, penetrating, hardwax oil wood finish that only requires one single layer to protect and finish the wood. It protects wood from heat, water, and wear making it more durable and long-lasting. It also emits 0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) when used, unlike other stains and paints, which means no chemicals evaporating into the air. Personally, we love this as it’s better to not breathe in chemicals and better for our environment.

Remember though, Rubio Monocoat’s Oil Plus 2c is only meant for interior use. If the bed frame like the hanging daybed swing is exposed to the elements outside, you’ll need to use a different product. Rubio has a few exterior finishes like the Hybrid Wood Protector or Wood Cream. However, the wood cream isn’t meant for high-use areas or horizontal surfaces, so we would recommend the Hybrid Wood Protector instead.

Read our full review of the Oil Plus 2c and see our color tests using Rubio on different wood species!


What are the standard mattress dimensions?

Below are the standard bed sizes that these DIY bed frames use.

  • California King – 84″x72″
  • King – 76″x80″
  • Queen – 60″x80″
  • Full – 75″x54″
  • Twin – 75″x38″

What are the advantages of building your own bed frame?

The advantage of building your own bed frame is you get the exact design aesthetic you want. Moreover, it allows you to use the materials and products you want and typically leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Also, you get the joy and accomplishment of making it by hand!

What type of wood is best to use to build a bed frame?

Hardwoods are typically the best wood type to build a bed frame. Hardwoods would include wood like oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and sapele.  Softwoods tend to scratch and dent easier than hardwoods making them not ideal for a high-use piece of furniture. Softwoods would be wood like pine and fir.

Beyond just hardwood vs. softwood, consider the structural qualities of the wood. Make sure the wood is good for structural use. Most common hardwoods have strong structural qualities to them, but some of the less common and exotic hardwoods do not. For example, Basswood is a hardwood that actually has a low hardness and low density making them soft and not ideal for structural furniture like a bed frame.

Lastly, do not use pressure-treated lumber to build a bed frame as this lumber uses chemicals to preserve it and cannot be stained up to 6 months.

What tools will you need to build a bed frame?

Depending on the complexity of the joints and hardware used, the tools you’ll need to build a bed frame will vary. Some DIY bed frames can simply be built with a jigsaw and a drill, while others require larger power tools like a table saw, miter saw, and router.

Check out our list of preferred tools!

More DIY Projects

Now that you have a bed frame project, why not try one of our other DIYs?! Head on over to our Shop to check out our other DIY plans, and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any new DIY projects and plans. 
Also, check out our other Hubby How To posts in our DIY Category.

Hope this roundup of DIY bed frames and headboards inspires you to build an amazing piece of furniture! Let us know what your thoughts on the designs in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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